Why are Inventories Important?

In April 2007 the Deposit Protection Service was introduced as part of the Rent Act. This has meant that the need for an independent professionally detailed inventory and schedule of condition is more important than it has ever been.

In a recent case study by The Dispute Service (a Government Approved Scheme Administrator) they stated that it clearly shows the need for independent adjudication and proper inventory and condition reports. These are the tools that remove the mountains from the molehills of deposit disputes. Adjudication also dramatically underlines the advantage of proper inventories that have been checked at both the beginning and end of every tenancy.

To find out more about this please see our services or visit the official government website at www.depositprotection.com

Why should I use an independent inventory service?

Letting agents:

The time released when you no longer have to conduct inventories, check-ins or check outs yourself will mean that you are able to concentrate on your main business of sales and marketing.

Using an independent Inventory Company means that you no longer need to get involved in disputes.

A good Independent Inventory is an excellent selling tool, providing you with a heightened corporate image to landlords and tenants.


The new legislation is designed to protect tenants. Landlords will need to be able to prove their case should they wish to deduct money from their tenants deposit.

Adjudicators will review all documents (inventories, check-in, and check-out reports) before they can reach any judgement on disputes. Therefore it is vital that all the evidence is independent, unbiased detailed and fully detailed.

The property is unfurnished, do I need an inventory?

The inventory is a detailed description of the condition of the property not only a record of the furniture Both furnished and unfurnished properties need an inventory.

How do I prepare my property for rental?

Here are a few helpful tips:

•Decorate properties in neutral colours so that the property can be maintained and repaired easily.

•Carry out all necessary repairs before the inventory is completed and have the property cleaned including carpets and curtains .This will make the check in of new tenants less troublesome.

•Plumbing, central heating, hot water and wiring must be safe and in good working order. All safety regulations must be complied with and the relevant safety certificates, manuals and safety labels should be on the premises so that it can all be noted in the inventory.

•When renting out a furnished property, try to make it as uncluttered as possible, remove all personal items eg. Books pictures and sentimental items.

•Do not leave furniture which is irreplaceable, or of high sentimental value.

•Gardens should be left neat and tidy.

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